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Communication and Outsourcing


Often the most effective method of communication for a project is to talk directly to us on the phone. We provide phone numbers local to our clients* to ensure peace of mind and to keep your costs down.

* UK and US only. Direct lines are available for international phone calls.


For day to day communication we encourage the use of e-mails as it allows conversations, instructions and feedback to be tracked and referenced for future use.

Instant Messaging

Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk - instant messaging tools are the perfect companion to Email communication. For the occasional clarification or quick message, instant messaging can be used to talk directly to us. We do advise our clients to keep instant messaging to a minimum as it can be distracting and disrupt work if there are a large number of messages being sent. A basic rule of thumb is that if the information isn't time critical (i.e. it can wait for 30 minutes or more) then the best option is to send an e-mail.

Screen Sharing

When working locally with colleagues it is often easier to discuss and explain your points on screen with them. It can save a large amount of time and we understand the need for the same ability for your outsourced projects.

There are a number of services such as TeamViewer, GoToMeeting and LogMeIn that we are subscribed to (and because of this, will cost you nothing to use) which allow a person to draw on and control a remote computer screen. Combined with VOIP or phone calls it is possible to recreate the feeling and effectiveness of sitting next to a person even though you could be thousands of miles apart.

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